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Ooh La La Ooh La La...

It's late. No, wait, I lied, it's only 10:30. It just feel late cos I've been up since 5:55 this morning! school. *twitchtwitch* And I should quite technically be rewriting the article that this computer has eaten alive three times now, but I don't feel like it. So instead I'm on here and praying for a two hour delay tomorrow in which I can either do the article or catch up on the sleep I missed cos I was up doing the article into obscenely late hour of the night because I procrastinate like a fiend and...I don't even remember where this sentence was going. Oh dear. I'm so lost in my head right now, its crazy. And I'm pretty sure my only other insomniac of a friend has for one reason or another gone to bed, so I have literally no one to talk to...maybe his mom finally knocked him out with a sleeping potion like she's been threatening to for two years now...

You know  what I wanna know? Who names a school "Welsey's School of Wonderkids"???? Like it's the name of this school. How weird is that?????? Pretty weird in my opinion. Like someone asks where you go to school and you're like "Oh, I'm a Wesley Wonderkid!" What??? Come on. That'd just suck.

And who thought up all these emotions on the list? I mean who uses half of these. It's my new policy to just use the most random and perhaps most innaccurate emotion. It's on.


Dec. 11th, 2007 01:32 am (UTC)
here it is love.
“My only touch in this car would be this bad boy,” Stephen grinned, grazing his fingers along the base of a bizarre bobblehead figurine on his dashboard with the kind of fondness one usually reserves for puppies or small children, not terrifying car ornaments that were currently bobbing their heads in what should be a cute way but just came off as frightening.

“What. The fuck. Is that?” Jon implored emphatically, looking at it in horror. How in the hell had he not noticed that thing before?

“This? It’s a Balrog,” Stephen explained, frowning as if this was the most obvious fact in the world. At Jon’s blank stare, he frowned all the greater. “From Lord of the Rings?” From Jon’s continued blank look, he went on. “The Balrogs were originally Maiar, but they became seduced by Morgoth, who corrupted them to his service in the days of his splendour before the making of Arda. During the First Age, they were among the most feared of Melkor's forces. When his fortress of Utumno was destroyed by the Valar, they fled and lurked in the pits of Angband…”

Jon bursting into laughter cut off his enthusiastic rambling. “My God, you are a gigantic nerd. This… this is amazing, really. Any misgivings I may have had are completely gone.”

Stephen raised an elegant eyebrow. “Well, I’m obviously not doing my job then. And,” he added with a slight pout, “’gigantic’ is a bit of a stretch. Lord of the Rings is good literature. Tolkien was a genius.”

Sensing the subject may not be the best thing to mock, Jon merely shrugged impassively. “I mean… if you like the sort of ‘quest for rings with midgets’ type of shit then yes, it is indeed excellent.”

“Ah, it’s lost on charlatans,” Stephen remarked sadly, shaking his head in a very somber way. “I swear, if you read it, you’ll be hooked.”

“Oh right,” Jon laughed darkly, “and then I’ll start playing D&D and wearing a wizard’s hat around school.”

A silence filled the car and Jon stole a glance at the other boy. He was tapping the steering wheel and staring at the road in an overtly studious manner. Mouth dropping open, Jon gaped at the taller boy. “Oh my God! You play D&D.”

“Hey, it’s a great game,” Stephen replied easily, though a slight blush was visible on his cheeks. “I can’t tell you how many women I’ve bagged from using the line ‘Hey baby, I’m a ninth level philosopher-wizard.’”

obviously I'm not taking credit for this piece of genius, it all goes to smilesawakeyou...hahahahah fictional Stephen is SO MUCH LOVE.

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