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Ooh La La Ooh La La...

It's late. No, wait, I lied, it's only 10:30. It just feel late cos I've been up since 5:55 this morning! school. *twitchtwitch* And I should quite technically be rewriting the article that this computer has eaten alive three times now, but I don't feel like it. So instead I'm on here and praying for a two hour delay tomorrow in which I can either do the article or catch up on the sleep I missed cos I was up doing the article into obscenely late hour of the night because I procrastinate like a fiend and...I don't even remember where this sentence was going. Oh dear. I'm so lost in my head right now, its crazy. And I'm pretty sure my only other insomniac of a friend has for one reason or another gone to bed, so I have literally no one to talk to...maybe his mom finally knocked him out with a sleeping potion like she's been threatening to for two years now...

You know  what I wanna know? Who names a school "Welsey's School of Wonderkids"???? Like it's the name of this school. How weird is that?????? Pretty weird in my opinion. Like someone asks where you go to school and you're like "Oh, I'm a Wesley Wonderkid!" What??? Come on. That'd just suck.

And who thought up all these emotions on the list? I mean who uses half of these. It's my new policy to just use the most random and perhaps most innaccurate emotion. It's on.


Jan. 29th, 2008 01:14 am (UTC)
...that's what she said?

*stares at Russian some more*
Jan. 29th, 2008 01:31 am (UTC)
I am going to write you a long, rambling essay of a comment. ready set go!

Stalls told me today she wants to go into the woods and be a hermit and be far away from people. I actually felt bad for her tbh. but I don't want to be a hermit. I feel like I'm being a hermit lately. I think that's just January. but it's almost not January anymore, huzz-ZAH! ooh that reminds me, I should sign up for the retreat. do we have to share a bed again this year? amusing as that was we couldn't seem to quit stealing the covers off of each other. oh well, it'll be freaking amazing either way. I am too lazy for proper capitalization tonight. whee! do you get email updates when I comment you here? that'd be a lot of emails, sorry about that mate. also my lappy ate my writers' strike article so I can't make the 284247424 changes that have been required of me. *stabs lappy* wtf dood?
also also, if you wear your Staal shirt tomorrow I'm going to laugh, because I'm wearing mine. and then if Silo wears hers it'll just be madness. of course Silo is currently dead to me as a hockey fan because she's lame and thinks pretty boy Sidney is the only player on the team sooo whatever.
EPIC COMMENT MARCHES ON. I wrote "EPIC FAIl" (only with a capital l *stabs lappy more*) over a picture of the Jonas Brothers in Rolling Stone. was that immature of me? I think it was justified seeing as they, well, fail epically.
ugh. I wrote the FIRST draft of this article at 1 in the morning (which is why my intro is a quote from an REM song, hahaha) and hopefully I don't wind up doing the revisions around that time too.
also in Rolling Stone (with the failing Jonas's) was Antoine the Swan and his baby. did you know he had a baby? well technically his girlfriend was the one doing the birthing but you know what I mean. aaw Anth with a baby...which is disturbing somehow. like, who lets HIM raise a child?

wow okay this is long enough and you probably won't even read it.
Jan. 29th, 2008 09:07 pm (UTC)
oh my god stop commenting this entry you fudgebucket! e-mail me if you really fell like communicating via compy or, god forbid, call me. it's not like i have any more of a life than you do. and yes, i get e mail updates every time you comment because i never get on lj like evar because that means waiting for fifteen minutes for the lappy to connect to the intarweb (maybe) and then worrying every thirty seconds about whether it's gonna crash or not. so next time i feel like wasting massive amounts of time i'll attempt to get on again and write a new entry for you to leave two months worth of comments on and read the last chapter or so of NAMBLA that i missed cos i suck at life on multiple levels and have more will power than last time but still not enough apparently but what the hell.

why in the world would stalls wanna move away to be a hermit? i mean, she so brightens the lives of everyone around her these days...you're not really being a hermit, just a bit frightening on the afternoon bus in what i can only hope is a response to your beloved window, the dismal scenery outside and lizz, sunshine, and i always touching one another.

and you were completely justified in the writing of FAIL over the jonas brothers. especially since shelby has recently become enamoured with all of them and won't. stop. playing. freakin. bad. music. them and fergie. and to think i had hope tha day when she came in and told me that the beatles are awesome. she's beyond hope and no amount of beatles love could ever change that.


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